Minutes – September 6, 2017



MEETING September 6th, 2017

12 PRESENT – Two guests, one from California and one from Minnesota

One new member –  Zach Bean from Talmadge, Maine, his email is xach@xach.com

President Dee opened the meeting at 7:00 with a minute of silence and prayer for our deceased member Bob Ellis.

We were pleased to have Susan present at our meeting.

Reading of the Minutes of last meeting was waived since all were sent the minutes by email.

Treasurer’s report – Deposited dues for one member and $85.00 from the bowl fund for a total deposit of $ 110.00. Cash for bowl fund is $36.00.

  New Business:

 Next meeting will be at Dee’s for a Deck Party with spouses on September 23. There will be a grill for hot dogs and hamburgers provided by the Club. Time will be from 1:00 to 6:00.  Joe Inman volunteered to provide the plasticware and the tablecloths. Phyllis will be cooking beans. Susan volunteered to bring desserts. Dan will bring smoked meat. Phil will bring shrimp cocktail. If you are bringing something, please let me know and I will pass it on to Phyllis and let everyone know so that we won’t get to many duplications. This meeting will take the place of the October 4th meeting. Bring a piece of wood that you can part with for the wood swap. 

Project for next meeting: Dee suggested that we turn a top for the top contests, either a regular top or a top with a windup string. Judging will be by our peers.

As a goodwill gesture, it was voted to give the Episcopal Church $25.00 for allowing us to use the space for our last meeting.

We were wondering how Fred was with his knee’s surgeries. I will give him a call and let everyone know.

Meeting adjourned at 7:17

After the meeting, our new member Zach was given demos on the parts of a lathe, usage of tools, and sharpening techniques. Since some of the School’s turning tools were in bad shape, Matt sharpened them back with cutting edges.

Respectfully Submitted,

Phil Hathaway, Secretary